Running a business is hard enough but managing a family and a business at the same time lord have mercy! Like many finding a balance between work life and home life can be a never ending struggle lucky for me I came across a program that has changed my life. Getting Things Done or like the kids like to call it GTD not to be confused with GTL (Gym Tan and Laundry) is a system for getting everything that is in your head such as ideas, to-do’s, reminders, thoughts, future projects, etc. and putting it on paper or digital format to make them actionable items instead of it just taking space in your head and never getting done. These actionable items are then put into categories that you create to more effectively get them done. The best part for me of GTD is that by jotting what is in my head I was able to create mental space to be able to think more clearly and focus on what is more important to me like my family. I don’t remember the last time my stress level was this low and never realized the stress was from mental clutter. Getting Things Done was created by David Allen who wrote a book about this but you can find countless of Youtube videos, blogs and forums on this. There are hundreds of different ways people use GTD so the key is to find which one works for you. What are you waiting for? Join the GTD revolution and get control of your life again!