Truth be told no one wants to be sold anything. Yeah I said it. Do you like it when you’re home chilling in your Batman pj’s and someone rings your doorbell and it’s someone trying to sell you the latest special for pest control or alarm system? no right? but if you’re one of those that constantly post offers on social media that is exactly the same thing.

In the same way you’re trying to enjoy a peaceful evening at home people on social media are trying to enjoy themselves and the last thing they want to see is a sales pitch or offer.

I know you would like to think your offer is so damn compelling that people will stop their scrolling to check it out and share it with their homeboys or homegirl but sorry bruh not happening.

Without getting too technical–or psychological you need to understand how the brain reacts to offers or sales pitches. You see the brain goes into defense mode anytime it sees something that A. Isn’t tailored made for them — like a generic offer created for everyone and B. They are not seeking on their own terms for example a google search versus a pop-up ad.

This is why I wrote this post because I constantly see the same people posting the same offers with no engagement, no comments, no sharing, no retweets just crickets.

The best thing you can do if you have something to sell is put yourself in the shoes of people who will see your post (or scroll pass your post). Would you react better to a post of someone trying to sell you something or a post by someone who can provide value in a form of helping you or answering your questions?

Just remember people are not dumb they can see an offer a mile away even if disguised as helpful information so don’t fake it, be genuine. I know doing it this way can seem like a long game which maybe it is but the alternative—selling is a long shot. Now go out there and share what you know, help out where you can and build a community.