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Stop selling and start giving

Truth be told no one wants to be sold anything. Yeah I said it. Do you like it when you’re home chilling in your Batman pj’s and someone rings your doorbell and it’s someone trying to sell you the latest special for pest control or alarm system? no right? but if you’re one of those that constantly post offers on social media that is exactly the same thing.

In the same way you’re trying to enjoy a peaceful evening at home people on social media are trying to enjoy themselves and the last thing they want to see is a sales pitch or offer.

I know you would like to think your offer is so damn compelling that people will stop their scrolling to check it out and share it with their homeboys or homegirl but sorry bruh not happening.

Without getting too technical–or psychological you need to understand how the brain reacts to offers or sales pitches. You see the brain goes into defense mode anytime it sees something that A. Isn’t tailored made for them — like a generic offer created for everyone and B. They are not seeking on their own terms for example a google search versus a pop-up ad.

This is why I wrote this post because I constantly see the same people posting the same offers with no engagement, no comments, no sharing, no retweets just crickets.

The best thing you can do if you have something to sell is put yourself in the shoes of people who will see your post (or scroll pass your post). Would you react better to a post of someone trying to sell you something or a post by someone who can provide value in a form of helping you or answering your questions?

Just remember people are not dumb they can see an offer a mile away even if disguised as helpful information so don’t fake it, be genuine. I know doing it this way can seem like a long game which maybe it is but the alternative—selling is a long shot. Now go out there and share what you know, help out where you can and build a community.


The truth about finding your purpose

Let me guess you are lost and frustrated? Unlike most of your friends who are happy binging on reality television, getting their news from TMZ and buying things to impress others you have aspirations of doing something meaningful with your life.

Believe me I feel your pain I was lost too and still can be if I forget what I have learned in the last couple weeks. After a year of searching for my purpose it all make sense to me now. Before I get to my revelation let me tell you about what got me here.

Anyone who knows me would never guess I was searching for my purpose after all when I am not talking about graphic and identity design I am participating in online design communities so from the outside looking in it appeared that I had it all together.

Inside however I was a hot mess. I know what I love to do that’s not the issue but I felt there was a big gap between what I love to do and my purpose in life. I did not want to accept the fact that creating brand identity and marketing materials was important enough to define me.

I read countless of books, listened to podcasts and watched youtube videos on finding my purpose and although they seemed to get me closer by reiterating that purpose is defined by your passion in my case graphic design I was still not satisfied.

The problem for many (specially creatives) who are lost like I was is we feel the need to be creating something meaningful and we can feel guilty just making creative stuff. Lucky for me someone put it in a way that no one had before and I would like to believe this was because he had been in my shoes — not similar but the exact shoes.

What this person showed me was to see the thing I love to do for what it truly was — helping businesses define their objectives and get closer to their goals. People start businesses because they are passionate about something and I was doing my part to help them succeed. So my purpose is not graphic design but that I help people succeed, it just happens that design is what brings us together. Suddenly it all made sense!

I had forgotten why I got into this business in the first place. As I got older I began to surround myself with people I viewed as successful because like the great late Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” and unknowingly I began to compare myself with what they were doing thus I had began to look at my work as just decorative materials (beautiful decorative materials I might add) but not the big picture.

Your purpose is with you all along it’s just hidden and you have to find a way to dust it off polish it and make it attractive again not for anyone but for yourself.

I hoped this helped you with figuring out your purpose is but if it didn’t just remember your purpose comes from your passion, your passion comes from doing what you love to do.

If you’re still uncertain of what is your passion or purpose is I put together 10 questions to help you out. You don’t have to answer all of them this is just to get you thinking— just a warning the last one is ridiculous but just give it a shot.

  • What activities when doing them make you lose track of time? When you’re in that zone and you look up an hours have gone by.


  • What makes you feel great about yourself? The thing that makes you feel like you’re really good at and no one can do it quite like you.


  • What would you regret not doing? Several times I quit on graphic design because I couldn’t find a job but I knew if I quit for good I would regret it. What’s your thing?


  • If you had to teach one subject or skill what would it be? Just pretend like you had to teach others the one thing you know well.


  • What were you passionate about as a child? Looking back at the things you did as a child is great because you didn’t have the distractions you do as an adult and you could focus on the things that made you happy.


  • What are issues, concerns or causes that are really meaningful to you? We all have heard stories of people who set their life mission to help less fortunate people that is their purpose what is yours?


  • What would you write a book about? If you woke up with the gift of writing like a superstar author what would the book be about?


  • For those who use Pinterest what things do find yourself Pining over and over? And I don’t mean dinner ideas but things that you find pinning just because they’re awesome.


  • When you are old and in the final years of your life what would like your wikipedia say about you? Include your career title and life accomplishments.


  • If you were in the Hunger Games or Twilight Zone and you were forced to pick a job, any job or become a slave which one one you chose? (keep in mind they all pay the same). I know this one is crazy but what the heck you have nothing to lose.

If you answered all of these questions and feel that you now know what your passion and purpose is great!  If you know what your purpose is but still don’t understand how you can do what you love for a living that’s ok. The important thing is that you recognize what makes you happy. Once you have that down it’s time to move on to figuring out how you can make those things come to life — hmmm another blog post idea? yes!