Being surrounded by so many entrepreneurs and startups I see many wanting a logo design for a few bucks and although you can get it done for cheap almost anywhere you look online you should know exactly what you are getting.

Some people can’t tell a good logo from a bad one, a stolen logo from an original logo, a template or stock logo from a custom logo, a logo that was designed in the right format from one that will not work in certain media, these are the people that cheap logo design websites, contest sites and crowdsource sites are targeting; the vulnerable.

Put yourself in a logo designers shoes not only are they being asked to create the face of a company or product but they put their reputations on the line because referrals are important in the creative field.

A logo designer has to put in extensive hours of research along with implementing psychology of color, typography and hours are spent sketching waaaaay before jumping on a computer. Making sure the client has the appropriate files and formats so that the logo can be used in any media.

Companies that spend thousands of dollars for a logo are not just doing it because they have the dough but because they know the importance image plays when trying to get customers to acknowledge, react, purchase, remember or share a product.

So why is it that some people think logo is cheap? Like I mentioned earlier those sites that are providing cheap logos seem to be advertising everywhere just like fast food chains and they have one goal and that is to provide quick turnaround logos in bulk so they can afford to make cheap logos just like fast food restaurants can provide cheap meals the only thing is they are cutting out all the important things that make a logo effective.

So what are you suppose to do if you don’t have the budget for a quality and custom logo design? I would say like anything you spend money on for your business to succeed, create the budget. Another thing you can do is talk to graphic designers and see if they can work with your budget, work out a payment plan or even barter your services, the majority of graphic designers are always open for a good trade.