If you grew up on cheesy 80’s movies like me you probably remember “Weird Science” about two kids that make a real woman using a computer and science.

Just like in Weird Science I tell my clients or potential client to treat their business brand like creating a person. What does your business brand look like? Is it a man or women? How does it act? What does it wear? What kind of music does it like? What hobbies does it have? Who does it hang out with? What is their tone of voice?

It takes some convincing to get them on board at first but this is important for me to create a good brand and design around that brand.

Many businesses make the mistake of getting a logo first and building around that which I don’t think is a good idea because what ends up happening is the client chooses the best logo that is provided by the designer not necessarily the right logo that captures the personality of the brand.