One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is over looking the importance of design. Design has been influencing consumers since the beginning of merchandising and it’s not going away anytime soon. Many of these small businesses think design is just for the big guys and believe a good product or service is sufficient to entice customers. Any business big or small needs customers and customers buy with their eyes.

Unfortunately we are also living in a world where everyone thinks they or their 15 year old nephew can create effective design unaware the graphic design is less art and more of a science and bad, cheap or weak design for business is just as bad as no design. They skimp on it and don’t take it seriously enough for many reasons mostly because it’s not easy to see the ROI that design brings like maybe you would with machinery, software or purchasing an email list.

So what happens to a business that doesn’t utilize good branding and design? Well if they’re strong enough in other areas like reputation, customer service, demand, etc. they might not be affected but any successful business person knows when it comes to consumer products and service you never take any chances. Ever heard the saying “it’s the little things in life”? Well for business owners design can be a little thing but for potential clients or customers this can make a big difference in choosing to go with them or a competitor that feels more professional because after all perception is everything when it comes to buying.

Another reason design for business is important is unlike other experiences in life when it comes to dealing with businesses we store things more visually and absorb things like branding, colors, logos and icons, website, presentations, etc. Those that don’t have something for the customer or consumer to hold on to our easiest to forget.

When it comes to purchasing anything whether it be a service that we need, items in a store or food to eat our minds subconsciously nit-pick things by their look and feel. This is why small business owners need to consider having strong and effective design on everything from their logo, print collateral, website, in-store decor even company vehicles.