If you have started or plan on starting a new venture whether it is coming up with a great product idea like “Plate-O’s the plate you eat!” (not to be confused with a tortilla) teaching a particular skill like public speaking for emo teens or starting that blog to share your passion for exotic chinchillas from around the world, you will more than likely face the inner hater in you. I’ve also heard others call it “Imposter” syndrome or the “Who am I” syndrome.

This is when self doubt creeps in when you are trying to accomplish a goal especially something that others will see like introducing a new product, service or blog for the first time. The inner hater causes you start questioning yourself and your abilities.

Things you might tell yourself are “who am I to come off as an expert at this” or “It’s not perfect don’t even try to launch it yet”.

The inner hater never goes away so rather than letting it take control of you and derail what you are trying to accomplish look at it for what it is, an alert that goes off in your brain to evaluate the situation to make sure it’s something you’re really interested in.